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Where Can I Buy Fake Freie Universität Berlin Degree?

Fake Freie Universität Berlin Degree
Freie Universität Berlin Degree

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Free University of Berlin (German: Founded in 1948, Freie Universitat Berlin, formerly known as the University of Berlin, is the largest research comprehensive university in the German capital and one of the top universities in continental Europe. Member of German Elite University, German U15 University Alliance, One European University Alliance, European Capital University Alliance, European University Association.
During the Cold War, the former University of Berlin on Unter Linden Street was transferred to East Berlin and ruled by the Soviet-led socialist bloc. In order to pursue academic freedom, the vast majority of teachers and students of the former University of Berlin, who were mainly in the humanities and social sciences, left and established the “Free Berlin University” in West Berlin with the support of the Western camp such as the United States, Britain and France, which is now the Free University of Berlin. In the 1950s, it became well-known in Europe and the United States for its humanities and social sciences research, and became the academic center of West Germany.
“Truth, Justice, Freedom” was the motto of Freie Universitat Berlin when it was founded in 1948. In its relatively short history, there have been 7 Nobel Prize winners, 18 Leibniz Prize winners, 15 academicians of the German Academy of Sciences, and the famous physicist Zhang Shousheng also graduated from the school.